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Making the Case for Christ (1 CEU) THEO-N033 is a Course

Making the Case for Christ (1 CEU) THEO-N033

Jul 6 - Jul 27, 2020

$165 Enroll

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Making the Case for Christ (1 CEU) THEO-N033  (July 6-27, 2020)  Tuition: $165

(See The Apologetics Seminar Package 2/$199)

Enjoy a three week online seminar with Instructor, Steven R. Hemler, president of the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America (CAINA) and author of The Reality of God: The Layman's Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator and Search No More: The Keys to Truth and Happiness.

Seminar Description

Given our increasingly secular and atheistic society, there are many people today who have doubts about the basic tenets of Christianity, especially young people. Therefore, the need to equip Catholics to credibly, convincingly, and compellingly explain and share why we believe what we do has never been greater.

A central belief of Christianity is that Jesus is not only fully human, but also the fully divine Son of God. But how do we know Jesus himself made that claim and how can we know if it is true? This three-week apologetics seminar persuasively answers the following questions about the historical reality, divinity, and resurrection of Jesus Christ:

·        Is there historical evidence that Jesus actually lived about 2,000 years ago during the time of the Roman Empire?

·        How can we know that Jesus is truly the Son of God who really rose from the dead?

·        Or, could claims of the divinity and resurrection of Jesus be a mythical legend that developed over time as his overzealous followers added exaggerated elements to the actual reality of his life?

All Catholics will appreciate this seminar as an opportunity to strengthen their faith and develop objective and persuasive reasons for belief, valuable for sharing with family and friends who may doubt the historical reality, divinity, or resurrection of Jesus. As such, this seminar will help attendees better perform the Spiritual Works of Mercy to “counsel the doubtful” and “instruct the uninformed.”

This seminar is one of six seminars comprising the Certificate in Apologetics offered by Catholic Distance University.

Week One: Was Jesus a real historical person?

Week Two: Is Jesus truly God?

Week Three: Did Jesus really rise from the dead?