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Proclaiming the Reality of God: Compelling Evidence of God's Existence (1 CEU) THEO-N018 is a Course

Proclaiming the Reality of God: Compelling Evidence of God's Existence (1 CEU) THEO-N018

Jan 13 - Feb 3, 2020

$165 Enroll

Full course description

Proclaiming the Reality of God: Compelling Evidence of God's Existence (1 CEU) THEO-N018   Tuition: $165

(See the Apologetics Seminar Package 2020:  3/$299)

Enjoy a three week online seminar with Instructor, Steven R. Hemler, president of the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America (CAINA) and author of The Reality of God: The Layman's Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator and Search No More: The Keys to Truth and Happiness.

Seminar Description

(Seminar previously titled: Apologetics: Evidence for the Existence of God)

Have you ever needed to answer the question: “Does God Exist?” for yourself or others? Given our increasingly secular society and the atheistic worldview often promoted by the mainstream media and academic/scientific establishment, the need to equip Catholics to credibly, convincingly, and compellingly explain and share why we believe in God has never been greater.

This three-week online apologetics seminar does that by presenting compelling scientific evidence, philosophical reasons, and insights drawn from human nature demonstrating God’s existence. The seminar’s discussion includes the origin, governing laws and properties of the cosmos, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the moral law case of C.S. Lewis. Those who complete this seminar will be able to explain objective reasons for belief in God using evidence from cosmology, physics, biology, human consciousness and conscience, as well as from philosophy and the Genesis creation story.

All Catholics will appreciate this seminar as an opportunity to strengthen their faith and to develop objective and persuasive reasons for belief, valuable for sharing with those who may doubt the existence of God. As such, this seminar will help attendees better perform the Spiritual Works of Mercy to “counsel the doubtful” and “educate the uniformed.” 

This seminar is one of six seminars comprising the Certificate in Apologetics offered by Catholic Distance University.

Seminar Topics:

Week One: The first week of this seminar presents scientific evidence of God’s existence from cosmology and physics, specifically the Big Bang, the laws of nature, and the “fine tuning” of those laws for life. This evidence, which God left for science to discover, points to a Creator who brought the universe into being and designed it for life.

Week Two: The second week of this seminar presents evidence for God’s existence from biology, including how the theory of life’s evolution over time is compatible with faith in God. We first present the Catholic Church’s teaching on the proper interpretation of the Genesis creation story, as well as the concept of evolutionary creation. This is contrasted with evolutionary naturalism, which is the prevailing view of evolution within academia and the scientific establishment. We close by looking at how the genetic information in DNA provides evidence for God’s existence.

Week Three: The third week presents evidence of God’s existence from human nature and reason. This week focuses on evidence within human nature for God’s existence, as well as rational philosophical reasons to believe in the existence of God. This lesson includes looking at how human consciousness, especially our innate desire for perfect knowledge and perfect love, and our conscience point to God’s existence.