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Exploring the Scriptures for Types of Mary (1 CEU) SCRPT-N070

Enjoy a three week online seminar with Instructor, Christopher Padgett.

Seminar Description

Who are the persons from the Old Testament who reveal glimpses of all that the New Testament unfolds about Mary?  This three week online seminar will not only address such a study but will  lead participants to conclude that knowing the full Scriptural story of Mary will enable one to live the Catholic faith with greater confidence.

Throughout the first week, participants will delve into the Old Testament matriarchs and other female figures that portray positive or negative qualities of Mary. During the second week, participants will consider the impact of Mary being the New Eve; and over the course of week three, participants will focus on the application of these Scriptural Marian types for all who live today. 

Those who complete this seminar should be able to explain the concept of a “type” in Scripture, give examples of Marian types in the Old Testament, compare these types with the fulfillment of each in the New Testament, and reflect upon the parallels that Marian types have with those addressing Jesus Christ. Ultimately, these insights will transform one’s appreciation for the Mother of God and her unfathomable influence on each person’s life.