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THEO-N084-Catholic Parenting (1 CEU) is a Course

THEO-N084-Catholic Parenting (1 CEU)

Time limit: 62 days

$165 Enroll

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THEO-N084-Catholic Parenting (1CEU)

This online independent study course
will explore Catholic responses to the changing family and marital dynamics encountered by parents with a new child. The lessons will address the main challenges of couples who welcome a new child into their families, including the individual changes and parenting concerns experienced by the new mother and the new father, as well as marital concerns. Referring to research- based and hands-on clinical experience and information on these topics, students will explore the needs of the new parents as well as those of the young child.  Those who complete this course should be able to identify the changing priorities, developmental milestones, and unique challenges for new families and gain practical advice.