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THEO-N007-Life in Christ (3 CEU's) is a Course

THEO-N007-Life in Christ (3 CEU's)

Time limit: 62 days

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THEO-N007-Life in Christ (3 CEU's)

Living a life in Christ entails the transformation of our intellect and will by the Holy Spirit so that we put on the mind of Christ and will what Christ wills. The course (formerly 306-0803) on Pillar Three of the Catechism is devoted to man’s vocation to life in the Spirit, and examines ways to live the Christian life within the context of the Christian's call to holiness. Students who complete this course should be able to explain the sources of Christian morality and the moral responsibilities required by the Ten Commandments and the teachings of the Church. They will also be able to identify many important concepts that illuminate God’s loving purpose behind the gift of His Commandments.

Required Textbook: The Faith Explained, Leo Trese, 3rd edition. ( If you wish to obtain through the CDU bookstore, go to: )