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SCRPT-N068-The Gospel of St. Luke (1 CEU) is a Course

SCRPT-N068-The Gospel of St. Luke (1 CEU)

Time limit: 62 days

$165 Enroll

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SCRPT-N068-The Gospel of St. Luke (1 CEU)

This online independent study course will provide an introduction to the Gospel of Luke.  The  lessons will address introductory topics such as authorship, dating, sources, literary qualities, and Luke’s distinctive theology.  Students will also study the ways that Luke emphasizes Jesus reaching out to the outcasts of society, shows Jesus at prayer and considers the Infancy Narrative, Twelve Apostles, Sermon on the Plain, and parables.  The final lesson  will treat Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem (beginning in 9:51), especially the distinctive teaching of Jesus that Luke includes in the final chapters of the Gospel.  Participants who complete this course should be able to identify and explain Luke’s distinctive theology by making reference to particular passages of the Gospel.