Full course description

RELED-N004-NDC: Vitalizing the Catechetical Ministry (1 CEU)

This online independent study course
revolves around the challenges and confidence that the National Directory for Catechesis offers all involved in the process of catechesis.  Those who complete this course will study the history, structure, and content of the National Directory.  They will also reflect upon and confront present day elements that are roadblocks to evangelization and catechesis, and examine roles and responsibilities that are critical for revitalizing the catechetical ministry in the United States.

Required textbook: The National Directory for Catechesis  - United States Conference of Catholic Bishops  ISBN: 9781574554434

Check with your parish catechetical office to see if they have a copy you could borrow.  ( If you wish to obtain through the CDU bookstore, go to: http://cdu.ecampus.com/shop-by-course )