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CHIST-N073-The Inquisition (1 CEU) is a Course

CHIST-N073-The Inquisition (1 CEU)

Time limit: 62 days

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CHIST-N073-The Inquisition (1 CEU)

This online independent study course will focus on the development of both the so-called Roman and Spanish Inquisitions. Students who complete this seminar course should be able to discuss the first efforts to deal with heresy in the Christian community, the role of St. Dominic and the Order of Preachers in preventing the spread of heretical ideas, the true function and history of the Roman Inquisition, and the rise of the Spanish Inquisition that became so much a part of life in Spain until the 19th century. Finally, students will become familiar with the many misrepresentations and untruths that have been perpetuated about the Inquisition over the centuries.