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Instructor: Steven Bozza, MA, BeD

Making health care decisions is never an easy task. Today there are many options available to ease human suffering and prolong life. There are also many voices advocating for medical choices that do not embrace the Christian vision of the human person. And so, health care decisions have become more difficult and heart wrenching to make.

When families are faced with making medical decisions and are unsure of how to proceed ethically, they many times turn to the parish for guidance. It often is the deacon who helps people wade through these issues. And rightly so.

Love (Charity) is the most important ministry of the deacon. The deacon assists the members of the faith community in carrying out their responsibility toward the sick and vulnerable. Among other things, he educates them. He helps to set up ministries as he observes the needs of the faith community he serves.

In order for deacons to serve the Church in this matter, they must be formed in Catholic healthcare ethics in a manner consistent with Magisterial teaching.