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CMA-Another Doctor at Calvary is a Course

CMA-Another Doctor at Calvary

Time limit: 120 days

$199 Enroll

Full course description

In this stunning 8 lesson course, Dr. Thomas McGovern interprets the Passion of Jesus Christ in light of both contemporary history and medical science answering many questions long debated by experts.  Using contemporary medical knowledge, Dr. McGovern builds on, completes and in a few cases corrects the findings of the classic but out of date work by Dr. Pierre Barbet A Doctor at Calvary. A few of the many questions Dr. McGovern tackles are:

• What do we know about the history of Crucifixion before and during the time of Christ? • Did Jesus’ blood vessels rupture into his sweat glands while in the Garden of Gethsemane? • How did Jesus suffer when he was mocked by the soldiers of Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate? • Did Jesus carry a cross weighing over 100 pounds? • Did Jesus have trouble breathing on the cross and die from suffocation? • Were Jesus’ hands nailed through the palms or wrists - or do we have enough evidence to know for sure? • Did Jesus die of a broken heart (cardiac rupture)? • When and how did religious art first depict the Crucifixion? • What do we know about crucifixion history from archaeology, ancient inscriptions and graffiti?
Students will be able to ask Dr. McGovern questions as they navigate through his lessons and when they satisfactorily complete the course, will receive a certificate at the conclusion. This is a special CDU offering to the public and is not part of the diocesan discount program.